Welcome to DBB, the real-time spy game. If you love privacy and hate mass surveillance, this could be right up your alley.

(But use duckduckgo now to start protecting your privacy.)

Major Ugliness

Thanks to the NSA scandals, we know the ugly truth:¬† Governments track almost everyone these days. That’s not nice, but it does create an interesting challenge. Can we stop Big Bro’s invasion and reverse his little game?

The answer is yes. Ending the surveillance is simple. First, you build an invisible hideout. After you shut down the snooping, the tables are turned. Now you’re in charge.

And Winning?

The more you dodge Big Bro’s microscope, the closer you come to the promised land: bulletproof privacy, secure communication and freedom from this mindless government intrusion.

(Check here for an overview of the vast networks that monitor us.)

The DBB Game

After you set up your hideout, you’ll surf under the radar. Now the spotlight is on Big Bro. How is he spying? What steps do you take to stop this insanity?

When you’re winning, it’s privacy time. You can turn back the clock and indulge in a little hide-and-seek.

Privacy Protection 101: The Online Invisibility Game

In the opening move, you’ll use “stealth” tools to disable Big Bro’s web-tracking capability (see note below). Creating your on-line refuge is inexpensive and uncomplicated. Like hide-and-seek, it’s a kid’s game.

The steps that follow will start derailing Big Bro’s data sweeper.

(Note: Some of these “stealth” measures are adapted from The BillyGate Affair, an investigative report. As explained in BillyGate, stealth tools allowed deep penetration into Big Bro’s tracking apparatus. It was a sting/counter-sting operation that led to the discovery of extensive criminal capabilities at Microsoft and Google. The crimes were undoubtedly committed with help from the NSA and FBI. For details see The BillyGate Affair: How Hackers at Microsoft and Google Revealed Their Massive Malware Operation.)

(Continue reading Privacy Protection 101. Click here for more on the mass surveillance menace.)