A Nice Little Trick

If you’re using one of the Windows operating systems, a simple trick will maximize your protection from hackers and minimize your exposure to Big Brother.

Follow the previous privacy recommendations here and here, then open this link.

Download the free Firefox Portable browser and save it to a USB thumb drive.

Follow this procedure before you go online:

1. Plug the drive with Firefox Portable into your computer’s USB socket

2. Open Windows Explorer

3. Select the Firefox Portable download on your thumb drive and copy it

4. Then, still in Windows Explorer, select “Windows Desktop”

5. Paste the Firefox Portable browser to the Desktop

6. Eject the thumb drive while you’re still offline (This is an essential rule: Never expose your personal work, data or downloads to the Internet)

7. After ejecting your thumb drive, click on the Firefox Portable icon on the desktop to install it

8. Then, this is essential: install the browser to Windows Desktop (the program does this automatically if you copied it from your thumb drive to the Desktop).

It is now safe for you to browse the Internet. Also, it’s also good to know that your privacy will be nicely served if you use the DuckDuckGo search engine.

(After your Internet session, erase the browser program and folder from your Desktop.)

You will maximize your security and privacy if you follow this procedure every time before you go online. Theoretically, your exposure to hackers will be zero. (The desktop is “read only,” so hackers cannot “write” through it to install malicious software on your computer’s hard drive or access data on your hard drive that would help Big Bro ID and track you.)

If you erase the program and Firefox folder from your desktop after each session, the browser won’t store data that can be traced back to you.

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