The Backstory

This site was inspired by reports that point to corruption, malfeasance and outright lawbreaking at the highest levels. In that connection, we offer a broad critique of power and a call for corrective action.

As everyone knows, we live in an out-of-control surveillance state. That’s not cool at all. Therefore,

It’s Time to Do Big Brother … But Why?

This site is more than a rant about stupidity and a protest against the arrogant, misguided use of power. Consider our present situation. It’s absurd:

— With help from the largest tech and telecom firms, governments track every citizen. (For the facts on Big Brother and his data collection/monitoring capabilities, go here.)

— The central concern: When it comes to its only real justification, government surveillance is a total failure. The monitoring has never detected or stopped any terrorist plots or attacks. (For more on this dismal record, push here and here.)

— Mass surveillance will never be an effective tool for foiling terrorists. Here’s Big Brother’s idea:  “We’re need to find the bad guys, so let’s vacuum up every bit of data on everyone.” In other words, let’s find needles in the haystack by making the haystack as large as possible.

— Our leaders and spies can’t admit the truth:  Criminals and terrorists need secrecy to operate (of course) but secrecy is easily achieved — even without encrypted messaging. Any second-grader can create a simple code that will fool the most astute cryptanalyst. Bad guys can easily conceal their secrets, so mass tracking is an utterly ridiculous response to terrorist threats (read this page to see why).

— While trying to “protect” us, surveillance authorities ride roughshod over our privacy rights. (Big Brother is basically operating a totalitarian Stasi-like enterprise that hides behind an untenable justification. Click on Stasi to learn about domestic surveillance in East Germany during the Cold War.)

— Government spy programs turn the presumption of innocence on its head. In effect, everyone is a suspect now.  (Almost all electronic communications are intercepted by governments, and that means spies can inspect your electronic messages at any time without a court-ordered warrant. Five Eyes snoops, for example, have direct access to 80 to 90 percent of the world’s electronic communications;  go to Five Eyes for more on this huge network that spies on innocent citizens for the English-speaking countries).

A Sordid Affair

— was also inspired by an investigative report that describes monumental abuses of power and total disregard for the law by people in high places. In this case, an innocent citizen achieved full penetration of the surveillance establishment. Agents then targeted this person in a censorship effort that involved an extensive series of crimes. (Download The BillyGate Affair: How Hackers at Microsoft and Google Revealed Their Massive Malware Operation.)

Click here for a summary of The BillyGate Affair.