BillyGate Summary

AnnouncingThe BillyGate Affair: How Hackers at Microsoft and Google Revealed Their Massive Malware Operation.

This recently published e-book describes an extensive hack and crime spree that was perpetrated by corporate invaders.

Microsoft and Google: Caught With Pants Down

When they entered the author’s computers, the hackers didn’t try to conceal the fact that they worked for Microsoft and Google. And these people were doubly stupid. They left an indelible record of their invasion.

The author promised to report these illegal activities and panic set in. Apparently, the brains at headquarters were short-circuited because criminal intimidation and gag efforts started immediately.

Over-the-top Censorship

All the author’s electronic devices were destroyed and then the attacks escalated to car theft and burglary — exactly the kind of dirty tricks you’d expect from spies who are busted and who are desperate to erase their tracks.

During the invasion it became clear that Microsoft and Google run a hacking operation that distributes many forms of malicious software. The evidence supports what some already sense — that these companies have merged their efforts to track Internet users and extend their control over the planet’s information infrastructure. (And, of course, they cooperate extensively with governments in spying on ordinary citizens.) In this connection, the book offers a pointed critique of the alliance’s highly questionable business practices.

BillyGate also examines the exploits of America’s richest hacker, focusing on the hack job that led to his incredible fortune. It includes a short history of the PC software industry and revisits the legacy of Gary Kildall, the mostly forgotten genius who launched the digital age.

The ebook is a free download at smashwords.