Privacy Protection 102: Stealth

Privacy Protection 101 — A Quick Recap

First: Avoid Internet Explorer and Google’s Chrome.

Second: Use a browser that’s dedicated to your privacy (Firefox is a good choice).

Third: Use the “airgap” method to protect your personal data and work. (Keep your work and private data away from the Internet. Store all your stuff on a thumb drive with at least one backup.)

Adopting Stealth

Then, use “stealth” measures to avoid Big Bro.

Be aware that the spys always try to tap into your action. Unless you take certain steps, Big Bro identifies you instantly when you go online. He has at least 30 ways to figure out who you are.

The minute you’re online, Big Bro enters your computer to gather your personal data. After he confirms your identity, any new information you provide goes into your file — the file Big Bro is compiling with your name on it.

But here’s our advantage: Big Bro relies mainly on “cookie”-type programs to identify web surfers. Browsing history and bookmarks also reveal your identity.

As noted, there’s good news: You’re in charge now. You decide how much access Big Bro has to your life. If you prefer to hide completely when you go online, do three things:

1) erase your browsing history;
2) erase bookmarks and stop using them;
3) remove all cookies and other spyware that’s set up to track you.

Erase Unnecessary Files

If you use Microsoft Windows when you surf the Internet, get a free trial of the CCleaner eraser/utility tool at (and, by the way, you can get a boatload of other excellent free — and bug-free — software

You’ll want to set up CCleaner so it erases unwanted files every time you start your computer. (It’s is an extremely simple, intuitive program. CCleaner also has a number of utilities. It helps you, for example, get rid of software you don’t want — like Google’s Chrome.

(In the quest to avoid security establishment snoops, you may be interested in moving to a different operating system entirely. Stay tuned to see how easy it is to install a free security-oriented operating system for Internet and general use.)

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