Privacy and Surveillance Update, 9/16/17

Beware: A Virtual Private Network Can Be Insecure or Even Malicious

This article explains why you need to be careful when selecting a VPN.

Read this post for information on setting up a bomber VPN.

Compared with a VPN, a good option may be The Onion Router (TOR). It’s a little slower than other browsers, but it was created by the U.S. Navy’s research branch to allow secure communications for spies and governmental authorities stationed outside the U.S. In our testing, it appears to be more resistant to tracking than a VPN.

Government/Corporate Surveillance

This link offers an overview of the U.S. government’s warrantless surveillance programs.

The view from a former Facebook executive: Facebook and Google are “surveillance states.”

Take Steps to Secure Your Privacy on the “Internet of Things”

For a good description of the Internet of things, go here.

To learn about privacy issues surrounding the Internet of things, check out this link.

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